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Bitcoin tumbler: the best way to keep cryptocurrency anonymous

by Apollo Archie
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Today, the digital currency has ceased being exotic and firmly entered many areas of people’s lives. BTC’s only minus is its conditional anonymity since, if desired, any operations performed by the Bitcoin owner can be easily tracked.

What is a Bitcoin tumbler?

It is no secret to anyone that cryptocurrencies are quite popular these days. And many people who have cryptocurrency use the cryptocurrency mixer. For example, Bitcoin tumbler is an online service that allows you to mix your bitcoins with the bitcoins of other owners. After this, the origin of the coin cannot be tracked. This method makes it possible to confuse the traces during the transaction flawlessly. The principle of operation of cryptocurrency mixers is quite simple. It lies in the fact that your cryptocurrency is mixed with the cryptocurrency of other users. After completing this procedure, it is almost impossible to determine where the cryptocurrency came from the account.

The top-rated Bitcoin tumblers

Among the most popular platforms in the market are:

  • ChipMixer allows you to mix bitcoins without creating an account. It does not record any connection between individual visits to the service. The system works in such a way that the “outputs” work very quickly, faster than the “inputs.” According to the logic of the blockchain, the user spends the crypt before sending it to the service.
  • Smartmixer deletes transaction details 24 hours after completion and allows manual deletion at any time. It does not require creating an account to work with the service. It is pretty easy to use; there is round-the-clock technical support.
  • Yo!Mix is a pleasant mixer that supports all address formats and does not store user data after completed transactions, which, coupled with additional service features, provides excellent anonymity.

If you want maximum privacy or have doubts about the legality of the received crypto, you can use mixers. They do increase the degree of security, but small risks remain.

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